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    Have you ever tried to explain to a non-sailor what makes sailing so fascinating and challenging, or harder yet, justify why it often seems that the only thing sailors talk about is sailing? Take pro football-a pretty complex sport, right? but every game is played on the same size feild, in the same amount of time, against the same amount of people, week after week, all over the country. Now imagine, just for a minute, that every field was a different size; that, in fact the boundaries changed during the game. furthermore, the playing surface moved along under the feet of the players and varied in speed and direction throughout the game. In addition, some areas of the field were soggy, others icy, and still others sandy, with irregular one foot high ridges running all over. The game would still be the intricate offensive vs. defensive with high premium on excellent individual performances. But there would only be 11 guys per team. no specialist teams, no offensive unit seperate from the defensive unit, no punt return team, and no guy to come out just to kick the extra point. In fact, there would be no substitutes, no trainers, and no coaches high up in the grandstands looking down on the game, analyzing the upcoming defensive formations. When you stop to think about it, sailing is possibly the most complex sport in the world.

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    This isn’t anonymous. This was written by Dave Perry in Winning in One Design. Sailors should know this shit by heart.

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